USA Senior Girl Scout Program 
In 1938, a more formalized discussion was held on what Senior Girl Scouts could do
and separate troops were formed just for the senior girls. Various Programs were used in conjunction
with the Senior Scouts. A senior planning committee was formed and initially they studied areas of "interest" three that were used were Arts and Crafts, Vocational Exploration and Health and safety. During wartime the program was called Senior Service Scouts; various aide projects were developed Child Care aide, Emergency outdoor aide,Farm aide,Hospital Aide,Museum Aide,Nutrition Aide, Ranger Aide, Recreation aide and Victory Garden aide. Two other special interest groups were formed Mariners and Wings. The first handbook was published in 1945 and two additional aides were added Occupational Therapist Aide and Library Aide.In 1950 the five point program began with emphasis on 1.the law and the promise,2.knowing the purpose of the World Association,3.Citizenship and Democracy, service and 5. outdoor activity.
In 1955, 5 interest patches were introduced to identify 5 of the major program interests (see below).
In 1958, an additional patch called Multi-interest was introduced and then in 1960 some of the above patches were revamped and others added. The same thing occured in 1963. Lastly in 1974 all of the above were replaced by three areas of interest and there was a blank patch for those troops interested in something else. From 1963-80, the girls worked under the 8 indispensables or values program which included 1; Girl Scout Promise and Law,2;Troop Management,3;Active Citizenship,4;Voluntary service,5; Health and Safety,
6; Knowledge and Skills, 7: International Friendship and 8;Vocational Experience.

Senior Girl Scout Pin
In 1955-1960
Senior Girl Scouts used the following areas of Interest Badges
all of these were 3"


Multi-Interest (added 1958)

In 1960-1963
Senior Girl Scouts used the following  areas of Interest Badges
all of these were 2 1/4"


International Friendship

Trail Blazer/Mountaineer
Wing Scout


In 1963-1974
The Senior Girl Scouts used the following areas of interest badges
all of these were2 1/4"


Community Action


International Friendship


Mounted Troop

In 1974-1979
Senior Girl Scouts used the following areas of interest badges
all of these were 2  3/4"


World of the Arts

Multicultural World

Natural World
Troop's own

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