Netherlands Patches
In the Netherlands Boys and Girls groups are combined thus the dual symbols on the promise patch
Promise Patch

Age Level Patches
At some age levels the boys and girls separate but not always

                                                                      youngest group               Brownie Equiv                Junior Equiv

Scouting District Patches

                             Amsterdam        Amsterdam/Amstelland           North Amsterdam                   De Baronte                        De Mejerij

                   De Peel                                    Drie Rivieren Utrecht                          Haaks-Hoeck            Kennemerland                   Limburg

                                                                                                       Maastricht & Mergelland                          Noordbrabant                            North Holland North

                                                               Oude Maas                           Rijnland                                Rond de Rotte

                                                                  Sittard-Geleen                       Ulietstreek                                Utrecht



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