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South America Nativities

Nativities from Argentina

carved from many types of wood

Nativities from Venezuela

made from clay

Nativities from Ecuador

                                                    made from polymer clay                                       made from bread dough

                                       light weight wood carvings                                                              made from pieces of colored straw

Nativities from Peru

                                              handmade from red clay                                                 Retablo in a handcarved gourd
                                                                                                                                        nativity left side-- everyday life on right

                                                       Woodburning on Gourds Nativity                                Masapan made by Peruvian Indians

Shipibo Natives Peru -Ceramic

                                                                                    nativity in a bottle                nativity carved in an alabaster stone egg

Nativities from Brazil

                                                        1- 1 1/2 inch painted marbles and clay                       clay figurines hand painted tallest 3"

Nativity from Chile

wood,cloth and paper

Nativity from Bolivia


Nativity from Columbia

hand carved from wood

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