Nativities Page 8
Miscellaneous Nativities
not from a certain location and not handmade
*Calico Kitten*


*Ceramic Nativity plate*

done by my father

*Snowman Nativity*

painted resin

*Costco Nativity*

made from porcelain and painted

*Cute as a Button Nativity*


*Thimble Nativity*

ceramic thimbles

*Bone China Nativity*

*Laser Etched Glass*

sorry its hard to photograph

*Faberge Egg Like Nativity*

Gilded metal and china gift from my parents

*Santa and Baby Jesus*

Porcelein and fabric gift from my parents

*Porcelain Nativities*

both have waterglobes left gift from my sister       right gift from one of my girl scouts

*JOY Nativity*

 made out of wood

*White Porcelain Nativity*

gift from my sister-in-law
*Willraye Nativity*

*Resin Nativity*

from a girl scout friend

*Avon's First Blessings Nativity*

gift from my parents
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