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Middle East , Pacific and Asia
Nativity from Laos

carved wood
Stable is made from bamboo

Nativities from Vietnam

3/4"-1" soapstone carvings

made in Hoi Chi Minh City woven bamboo and black painted clay

Nativities from China

                                                        handcarved minatures from Linden wood                          Chinese Fimo clay nativity

Nativity from Nepal

Made from boiled and felted wool

Nativities from the Philippines

made from monkeypod wood

                                                      painted tin                                                                capiz shell and mother of pearl

                                                       Pine Needle Nativity                                                    Beanbag and cloth nativity

made from brushes( most pieces are 8-10 inches tall)*

Nativity from Jerusalem

made from olivewood in Bethlehem

Nativities from India

                                  hand hammered iron                                                                            hand hammered iron painted

1 1/2 inch childrens play nativity for the temple

 Nativity from Australia

handpainted woodturnings from Tasmanian White Sassafras wood -- Naive Style ( child like faces)

Nativity from Tibet

natural wool fibers, boiled, beaten , dyed and formed into figures

Nativities from Indonesia

                                                         Painted wood                                                         Handcarved balsa wood ( large pieces)

made from Bamboo on Bali

 Nativities from Bangladesh

cotton handstiched wall hanging

made from wheat straw*
Nativity from Japan

japanese origami -paper folding

 Nativity from Sri Lanka

handpainted wood cutouts

Nativity from Thailand*


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