Nativities Page Two
 *Nativities from Germany*

Wood carved Candle Arch from Seiffen
                                                      Hand Carved from my daughter                               Pyramid from Zeiffen
                                                            Miniature Pewter                               Holy Family Sculpture
                                                                                                   from an exchange student

miniatures from Zieffen (2" tall)

 *Nativities from Denmark*

wood lathed -bought in Solvang

Paper cutting

*Nativity from Finland*

wood lathed

 *Nativities from Slovakia*

made from Cornhusks

 *Nativity from Ireland*

Stone castings of Medieval statues

 *Nativity from Wales*

Handcarved in Wales -gift from my daughter
differernt woods

 *Nativities from Italy*

My first Nativity --1972

                                                          Fontanni Holy Family                            Fontanni Music Box
                                                                                                                                             from my daughters

*Nativity from France*

       Nativity Santons 1" tall - these are sometimes buried in a special cake

 *Nativities from Russia*

                                                     Matruska Wooden Stacking dolls                                     Russian Folk Art Looking Ceramic

*Nativities from Poland*

                                                                     lathed wood carving                                       made from natural  birch and moss

*Nativity from Czech Republic*

made from cornhusks

*Nativities from England*

                                                                  bilot porcelain hinged                                                Royal Albert Bone China

*Nativity from Austria*


 *Nativity from Hungary*

hand embroidered felt
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