Nativities Page 7
*United States Nativities*

Lizzie High Dolls -made in Pennsylvannia

                                                                  Myrtlewood Nativity Screen                                Story Teller Nativity
                                                                             made in Oregon                                          made in New Mexico

designed by Eddie Walker

                                  AnnaLee Dolls Nativity                                                         Eskimo Nativity - from Windsong Designs
                                               made in New Hampshire                                                           Made in Sitka, Alaska (polymer clay)

Black Bear Nativity
Yellowstone Park, Wyoming

                                                              Navajo Clay Nativity                                   Willow Tree Nativity set

                                                                                             West Virgina Coal Nativity

Wool Rovings

Amish Nativity from fimo clay

Hawaian Coconut Shell and seashells - gift from inlaws

Designed by Jim shore -Heartwood Creek Nativity

*American Indian Nativities*

I hand chalked this ceramic nativity

Both of these nativities are Ceramic

*African American Nativity*

ceramic bisque

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