My Family  2003

Amy Modeling with Kelby as escort

Amy receiving  Girl Scouts 10 yr pin

Girl Scout Cruise to Western Carribbean March 2003

Amy receiving girl scout gold award May 2003

Senior Proms
( left Elk Grove High and right Bear Creek High)

Katy backpacking to homes of the masters in UK ( it was cold on the mountains but conquering it was GREAT!)

Last time with my girl scout troop

Amy making donuts for senior project

Amy's High School Graduation May 2003

Amy and I Graduation Day

Troupe Cabana Professional Photo and Amy and Kelby after last show

Vacation in London June 2003

Me in North Carolina


Katy's BYU graduation
BA in English Aug '03

                                               Mom graduating Apr 76                      Katy graduating  Aug 03           Note the size of the tree!!! same tree!!

Me, Katy and Dad in front of the tree

toby with his favorite toy

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