My Family In 2000

David, My Dad , Andy

                                            Amy visiting cousin Jamie                    Amy Tap 2000                             Amy's newest sport tennis

                                                         So this is what they do at college???                             Katy at apartment pool
                                                                            Katy laying on everyone of course!!                                  August  2000
                                                                            LtoR Suzie,Nick and roomies Amy,Julie&Amanda

Katy and childhood friend Nick a mess and cleaned up
left after a crawl tour of California Caverns 8/2000 and right  Homecoming Oct 2000

                                                                 Toby our litte Bichon Frise                         Amy in her Christmas
                                                                                   with his rawhide wreath 12/2000                    Pooh Bear pj's 12/2000

Seeing Katy off at the Airport

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