My Family 2004

Katy and her fiancee Erik Larson Got Engaged April 5,2004
Wedding took place Aug 14,2004

Cousin Jamie's High School Graduation June 2004

Both David and I celebrated our BIG 50's this year.

Toby on his new perch looking out the window

KATY AND ERIK'S BIG DAY August 14th,2004
They were married in the Oakland Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints
Photos taken on the temple grounds

Katy's Extended Family: Cousin Whitney,Sister Amy, the couple, Mom Beth, Dad David
Grandma Frances, Aunt Ginny,Cousin Jamie, Uncle David, Aunt Peggy, Uncle Jim
Aunt Pam, Cousin Matthew,Cousins fiancee Tania and Cousin Blaise

The Reception
held in our neighbors backyard

                                                    doing something different                               tradition of welcoming groom to the family
                                                                                                                                                     with a hat having to do with one of his hobbies (jazz hat)

Christmas Cruise in Hawaii

                  Katy & Erik off to the beach                                                 Christmas Eve Luau                                                    Christmas Eve new pj's

Christmas Day at the Beach 98F ( the next day we flew to Canada to greet -20F )

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