My  Collections

on display at La De Da Stockton, CA

Lizzie High Dolls
Lizzie High Dolls are wooden dolls and their signature trademark is
that they have two black dots for eyes and no other facial features.
They are made in Pennsylvannia and have just celebrated their
15th anniversary... I love them as they remind me so much
of many of the things my children have done over the years.
My collection has been displayed several times in our area and it
brings me great joy.. to see some of my collection click on the link
below... click on the bottom link to go directly to the
companies website..
My Lizzie Collection

Link to Ladie & Friends Makers of Lizzie High Dolls


Seed Pod from Honduras

I have a collection of over 160 nativity scenes from all
over the world.. I love displaying them through the holiday
season... if you would like to see some of my
collection click on the link below

Click to see
Nativity Sets from Around the World

Patch Trading

If you haven't looked at my girl scout patch collection
please click on the link below to see it. I have
patches from all over the world!!

Click to see
Girl Scout Patches and Pins

I have a family of collectors.. other collections at my house include dust buddies,
beanie babies, American Girl Dolls, McDonalds happy meal toys, bells, thimbles,
books, Hallmark ornaments, Hershey's Ornaments,  Growing Up
Birthday porcelain figurines, Beatles things, sunflowers,T-shirts, placemats, dolphins.
I guess it rubbed off in the genes of my daughters!!!

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